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Java programmers develop business and Web applications for a variety of platforms using the Java programming language. Java allows for fast processing in games, software applications and utilities for Internet, computer and mobile devices. Java programmers often work alone, but may collaborate with software developers and engineers. Though some employers may find an associate's degree combined with work experience to be sufficient, most programmers earn a bachelor's degree in computer science. Some may also earn certification in Java programming. The following table outlines the core requirements for Java programmers:

What to do after learning Java

Are you a Java developer, considering the skill set beyond? Then we would not hesitate to say you that this is the post which will help you further and make you discover yourself ten years down the line.

Java development has long been a stable career option generating wider field of options. But as we see it these days, Java is visibly losing its importance as “The Star” with the on-coming of high profile projects and new object oriented languages. Java has dominated this section for long. We might just not discard Java as such but people have been seeking other options apart of the Java developer profile. In the last few years, we have come across changes in the market with the growing craze of the upcoming latest technologies.

Java has enormous applications in the IT world offering complex web-based applications. The developers have contributed significantly to this technological era.Java developer Modified the design of websites analyzing their requirements and fulfilling their objective henceforth. Java developer Developed user-interfaces to the web applications.

Taking Edge over Others- Next Career Choice

Almost every person walking in for an interview has a Java learning experience in their resumes, but what would give you an edge over the others ? Of course, when you’re a Java developer you can always opt for Hadoop and this can be a better career choice, which have been lately built and used by a large group of the professionals.

When we talk of Big Data analysis, can you think of working on it for long without the mention of “HADOOP”? With the increasing amount of data collection, it has acted as the infrastructure which helps in this process. What exactly does one understand with Hadoop- it is an open source software platform which helps to process petabytes of data efficiently.

The advent of android has, however, brought a drastic change in the technology world. Android, an interactive technology whose kernel is based on Linux has served as an outstanding platform for the mobile companies.

Software Developer Career Path

Also known as software designer or software engineer or a programmer, this discipline is basically the development of software products for commercial or private use. It encompasses not just computer programming and writing code, but also includes the early designing processes as well as the tweaking and maintaining the final product. Software is usually developed with a specific target audience in mind, or for a specific client that has requested it. Operating systems, computer games, business applications, and internet security systems are just some examples of software that they develop. There are two types of software developers, applications engineers and systems engineers. Applications engineers look at users’ needs and create a program to meet that need. Systems engineers maintain and expand an existing computer system. They receive the same type of training, but applications engineers generally earn more.

If you are interested in a career in software development, be sure you understand the type of training and education you will need to enter and successfully work in this field. There are always stories of computer geniuses who succeed without any formal training and college degree, and while it is true that outstanding computer skills and other related skill sets can help you break into this field or do well without a computer science degree, most software developers are highly trained and have earned work experience as well.