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Frequently Asked Questions

IT/technical interviews are typically aimed at assessing knowledge, skills and abilities that are relevant to the performance of the job. While facing an interview, your primary step should be to review the sample interview questions thoroughly. The internet provides a host of possible questions that might be asked in an IT interview. Concentrate on the answer tips which are provided in most of the standard guide books and the internet. Also, give examples as and when required of situations where you have handled responsibilities efficiently.


What is JVM and how it is considered in context of Java platform independent feature?

When Java is compiled, it is not compiled into platform specific machine, rather into platform independent byte code. This byte code is distributed over the web and interpreted by virtual Machine (JVM) on whichever platform it is being run.

Can you override private or static method in Java ?

you can not override private or static method in Java, if you create similar method with same return type and same method arguments that's called method hiding.

What is the difference between factory and abstract factory pattern?

Abstract Factory provides one more level of abstraction. Consider different factories each extended from an Abstract Factory and responsible for creation of different hierarchies of objects based on the type of factory. E.g. AbstractFactory extended by AutomobileFactory, UserFactory, RoleFactory etc. Each individual factory would be responsible for creation of objects in that genre.

What do you mean by synchronized Non Access Modifier?

Java provides these modifiers for providing functionalities other than Access Modifiers, synchronized used to indicate that a method can be accessed by only one thread at a time.

What do you mean by Checked Exceptions?

It is an exception that is typically a user error or a problem that cannot be foreseen by the programmer. For example, if a file is to be opened, but the file cannot be found, an exception occurs. These exceptions cannot simply be ignored at the time of compilation.

What is PUSH and POP features in data structures?

Among different data structure interview questions meaning of PUSH and POP is also asked. PUSH is basically data being pushed and then added to the stack, whereas POP involves retrieval of data from the stack. The data which is being retrieved is the top most data.

What is a WAR file?

This is Web Archive File and used to store XML, java classes, and JavaServer pages. which is used to distribute a collection of JavaServer Pages, Java Servlets, Java classes, XML files, static Web pages etc.

Is there any limitation of using Inheritance?

Yes, since inheritance inherits everything from the super class and interface, it may make the subclass too clustering and sometimes error-prone when dynamic overriding or dynamic overloading in some situation.

Does garbage collection guarantee that a program will not run out of memory?

Garbage collection does not guarantee that a program will not run out of memory. It is possible for programs to use up memory resources faster than they are garbage collected. It is also possible for programs to create objects that are not subject to garbage collection.

What is runtime polymorphism or dynamic method dispatch?

Runtime polymorphism or dynamic method dispatch is a process in which a call to an overridden method is resolved at runtime rather than at compile-time. In this process, an overridden method is called through the reference variable of a superclass.